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Virtual Tour Linking Service


The Virtual Tour Linking Service provides the capability for virtual tour providers to apply their tour URL(s) directly to real estate listings in our MLS system. This functionality lets you offer a great benefit to your clients, by allowing you to add approved URL(s) for virtual tours, videos, 3D tours, etc. on their behalf.

      • Virtual tour URLs can be added either via RESTful API, or manually, via our web-based user interface.
      • Up to three virtual tour URLs can be applied to a listing.

Adding virtual tour URLs via RESTful API

      • If you want to add tours via API, this document will provide all the information you need to get up and running. Click here: Virtual Tour Linking API

Adding virtual tour URLs via web user interface

How to get an account

    • Each virtual tour linking account has a one-time $50 setup fee, and a $100 annual fee.
    • To request an account:
        • Review and complete the Media Provider License Agreement, found on the Contracts page.
        • Send the agreement to Please indicate if you are requesting access to the RESTful API.
        • After the agreement is completed, we’ll provide you with your credentials to the virtual tour linking system. NOTE: API users must first connect to our test environment. After reviewing your API usage, we’ll activate your access to the live system.

For more information, contact: