Syndication Data: New Fields Coming 10/30

Last month, you received an email about how to Access RETS Syndication Content Data to Go RESO. You’ll need to make some updates to your RETS feed to continue pulling REcolorado data after REcolorado’s Go RESO project is completed. By now, you should have begun the process of mapping your data based on the updated Field List. If you do not complete the data mapping by November 30, you will no longer be able to pull REcolorado data.

As we continue to update REcolorado Matrix to the RESO Data Dictionary, additional changes to your field list will be coming.

The following changes will take effect on October 30:

  • Dictionaries (DevelopmentName, Subdivision) will be available.
  • New fields will be added to the Property resource for Commercial, Business Opportunity, and Farm. Note: These fields will not have data until we have moved to the new system.
  • The Syndication Field List has also been updated to indicate which fields must display per the syndication contract.

You can review the updated Syndication Field List and Syndication Content Data Reference to see the complete set of fields available. New reference documents are available providing more detailed select value mapping and information about how Property Types and Subtypes were transformed as part of the Go RESO project. 

To account for these changes and other minor updates, please refresh your RETS feed metadata and data. Please start working with the new data as soon as possible to complete your data mapping in preparation for the switch. The deadline to complete data mapping is November 30.

For more information on the RESO conversion, including the project timeline, visit the REcolorado Data Help Desk.

If you have questions, please send us an email at: